"Changing the way business is done..."

Brief History


The Book-A-Professional booking service was developed and released on November 29,2017 in New Orleans, LA by New Face CEO & Founder Joe Marcelino. It was originally developed to help Hairstylist and Barbers build up their customer base, but was later opened and extended to other professionals on June 1, 2015.   The entire program was in testing and development phase for almost 3.5 years until it's official launch  in late October through November of 2017.



"Keeping The Money Within Your Own Community"


"Book-A-Professional" is a part of a growing movement that includes the "Keeping The Money Within Your Own Community" program.  This new and exciting movement has already started impacting many people's lives like never before. It puts a major emphasis on the American dollar circulating and making its way back into your pockets once you spend it within your community.

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The Concept Is Simple


Imagine is your can get paid from all of your family members and friends who are purchasing products and services within you community. Just imagine if you could make a percentage of everything that's being purchased as a result of your word of mouth advertisement? The possibilities could be endless and the results could be amazingly astonishing!

Great For Salons & Spa Services


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