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 We facilitate an entirely new way of doing business by

 demonstrating 3 key things...


We Create Opportunities

We pride ourselves in creating a new opportunities for the average person who is not just looking to save money, but also want to make money by becoming a consultant.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people around the world to obtain financial freedom by providing them with the most effective  education & training, tools, resources, and state of the art business models that work for the average person with the strongest heart desire to succeed.



We Facilitate & Provide Training

Providing all of our Members with the best product & service training is every important to the success of our network.

We Demonstrate it

Anyone can talk about the product, the service, or the vision, but there's nothing better than seeing it action and properly demonstrated.

Our Mission

To create, facilitate, and demonstrate the art of positively building and duplicating wealth in the hearts, minds, and souls of people all around the world with the courage, faith, and will to do so- one person, one business, one household, one community at a time...

About The Company



The New Face Global Network was started on October 19, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have an experienced¬†  corporate staff and field leadership team that is consistently working to provide our customers with the best products and services possible.


We pride ourselves in providing quality hair products and services at an affordable price, but we take greater pride in helping people in the United States and internationally to achieve financial freedom. New Face Global Network is also home to the Book-A-Professional booking service, which plays a major role in the "Keeping the money within your own community" program.


We truly appreciate your time and interest, and hope that you will enjoy your experience with any of our products and services. Thank you for your time and we look forward to doing good business with you.

OUR PRODUCTS  |  We create, develop, manufacture, and sell products that work!

About Our Extreme Hair Multiplex (EHM)

Product: Extreme Hair Multiplex


Brand:  Marcelino



Our Extreme Hair Multiplex (E.H.M) is a professional product that gives all of our customers professional grade results. It can replace up to 12 different products, which in turn saves retail customers and professionals  money. Aside from its amazing fragrance, (available in Cucumber Melon, Sky Candy, or Vanilla), retail customers are often wowed by the mere fact that it works on all

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About Our Pure Indian Hair Extensions

Product: Hair Extensions


Brand:  Pure Indian

Origin: India



Pure Indian Hair Extensions are among the best hair extensions in the world!  Their origins can be traced back to the temples of Chennai, India where they are donated  for religious reasons by hundreds of thousands of people.  All of our Pure Indian superior grade Indian virgin remy hair extensions come single donors and are

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Unique Services For Unique Customers Like You...

About Our "Book-A-Professional" Booking Service

Product: Superior Grade Hair Extensions


Brand:  Pure Indian




The Book-A-Professional booking service was developed and released on November 29,2017 in New Orleans, LA by New Face CEO & Founder Joe Marcelino. It was originally developed to help Hairstylist and Barbers build up their customer base, but was later opened and extended to other professionals

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Become A Network Salon or Spa

Network Salon & Spa

Basic Prices & Services

Shopping with New Face Global Network is not just fun and exciting but it is also affordable! Simply look at the network price list, find the service you are desiring to purchase, and then book it through our Book-A-Professional booking service! Remember that the prices only represent a selected group of basic services. If you are in need of more sophisticated professional services you contact and speak to the professional you are looking to book directly....

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Keeping The Money Within Your Own Community

Imagine if you could get paid from everyone you know that's getting their hair cut, hair done, nails done, hair braided, a full body massage, etc... everyt ime they go to the hair salon, barber shop, or spa? How much money can you see yourself making if you could also get paid from anyone those people referred? The possibilities are endless. We always ask the question, "If you never had to pay out of pocket to get your hair done, hair cut, nails done or get your eye brows done, would that be something you would be interested in...?                   Read More

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Become A New Face Consultant Today 3 WAYS TO MAKE $3,000/mo IN 90 DAYS OR LESS MAKE MONEY




Opportunity |

Join the network of "People Helping People" start changing lives today!

Becoming a New Face Consultant can be very exciting! As a consultant you can purchase products at a discounted price, as well as earn Direct Sales commissions from all of your personal referrals and Overrides from all sales within your organization. Just Imagine if you could get paid from everyone around you that's getting their hair  and nails done, hair cuts, braided, physical training, dance class, singing, photography, modeling, carpentry, painting etc? How much money do you think you could earn? The possibilities are endless.

Experience The Power Of Financial Freedom

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Keeping The Money Within Your Own Community
Become A New Face Consultant Today 3 WAYS TO MAKE $3,000/mo IN 90 DAYS OR LESS MAKE MONEY